Feedback Feeds New Ebay Sellers

Many people do not realize that new sellers or people who sell on rare occasions do not get their money for quite a while, around twenty days if you do not leave them feedback. So, if you could take a moment and leave feedback asap it really helps people out. Some people are selling something because they need the extra cash.

Maybe their kids birthday is coming up, and they know they won’t have enough to get something special, something their kiddo has been eying for a while. Maybe they had to get new tires on their car, and they know it will make them short come time to pony up for rent.

Sometimes the amazing deal you got on eBay is something that the seller was sad to part with but they had to because they need the money. Keep in mind we don’t know people’s stories. It takes a moment to leave feedback, just a moment.

I started out selling very occasionally. My first sale was when I was moving, and I had a giant fish tank I would not have room for in my new place. About a month later I decided to sell my massive CD collection I no longer found relevant. A few months passed before I sold anything else and then a year passed. I sold an old Barbie and was shocked when it garnered a couple hundred bucks.

I inherited my aunt’s doll collection and I wanted to make a light box of some of her favorites in her memory. A few things were missing or in too bad of condition to complete certain outfits for this project. I had to bid on large lots to find a couple of rare pieces. As a result, I have accumulated many things barbie-related that I do not need. That is what began my eBay selling adventure.

After years as a fan of buying neat items on the site, I suddenly saw how things worked from the other side. I kept in mind the kind of online customer service I received that I appreciated and decided to adopt those practices. I liked the personalized Thank You notes. I appreciated decent packaging. I appreciated a seller that left feedback immediately rather than including some passive-aggressive passage on their listing that instructed me to do it first.

It wasn’t always passive-aggressive, sometimes it just said they wanted to make sure you were totally satisfied before they left feedback. Let’s call a spade a spade, though, because that was just a subtle way of letting you know they weren’t going to thank you for your business unless you gave them positive feedback.

On my first blog, I mentioned how much I despise that outlook. A buyer buys and that is all that is required of them. They have done their part. If they aren’t happy with what you sent them, withholding feedback is childish. Maybe you aren’t the rock star you think you are at describing your items accurately, packaging them in a way that makes them arrive safely, or your blurry photos didn’t pair up with your description. Maybe you shouldn’t charge outrageous shipping fees and then send the item five days later than your listing stated, and if that was due to unforeseen circumstances you should have sent them a message explaining so.

I have realized that Barbie sellers are horrible at leaving feedback for items purchased from other Barbie sellers. First of all, you can tell who they are even if they are using a separate account to make purchases. You see items you once had, with the exact same defects, stains, or alterations being sold and it doesn’t take Sherlock to know the seller who is begging for feedback in their listings don’t leave feedback for their competition.

I am hardly competition. I sell giant lots of vintage items for cheap, lots they swipe up and resell for a very high profit. A bit of gratitude would be great. When I do sell a single outfit, I include something extra, another thing I appreciate from sellers when I am a buyer. These extras are then sold at pure profit for them, but some weird ugly personality flaw makes them withhold feedback. Hypocritical assholes.

And when a new seller pops up and sells Barbie items, these shits aren’t leaving feedback for them while knowing it means the funds are being held for an outrageously long time. Again, what if it was necessary to sell Grannys vintage barbies on the cheap to pay for something they desperately needed within the month? A lot of buyers are unaware that not leaving feedback puts the seller in a bind, but the sellers who buy and flip, fuck them. They know how eBay works and they spitefully or hypocritically refrain from leaving feedback.

If you are a buyer and are just now learning that there is a chance your seller won’t get money they need when they need it, please take the little time required to leave them feedback.

Now, if you are one of those spiteful Barbie sellers, just go fuck yourself.



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